Enhance your English Speaking & Presenting

  • Do you feel paralysing fear in the period leading up to a big presentation?
  • Do you really need to inspire the people in your organisation, but you feel you don’t have the words or the charisma to do it?
  • Are you fed up with all those tips about speaking in public that somehow aren’t enough? โ€‹

If youโ€™re a leader, manager, coach or consultant

discover my strategies
for native and non-native English speakers,
enhance your speaking skills and
become an inspiring, reassuring and confident leader

OK, so what do my clients say?

…Richard gave me some amazing tips about how about how to speak in front of the camera how to make a better connection with my participants, with my clients…
…He showed me how I can use the virtual space and think of the virtual space as a stage, and fill that space that stage with different gestures…
…I recommend him highly to anyone who wants to consider becoming better in talking in front of people both virtually and face to face…

I really enjoyed working with Richard it was both very fun, very professional and humorous.
He is someone who adapts himself enormously to the personality of the person he is working with so you work in depth but in a holistic way that integrates all the dimensions of the person.
It was really a great pleasure, I warmly recommend a session with him.

…So I personally have had some challenges getting used to this new video medium. A friend of mine said “Richard’s the guy that can help you get it done”.

Richard provides a unique blend of psychology and technical expertise. He helped me work through the emotional state I was in while in front of a camera: what was driving my thoughts, how i could be as present in a video as I am in person?ย 

He taught me how to use light, how to use my hands, how to use the camera to make a point and then back off, how to understand that this little space is my stage to the rest of the world. And it’s worked very well!

The speaking flow principle

Speaking and Presenting is NOT just about doing things right for your audience. The SECRET KEY is to find the ways in which YOU ALSO FEEL GOOD. Only then can your audience relax and take in what you have to say!

And only then will you be able to CONSISTENTLY find the BEST way to communicate to YOUR PEOPLE.

If you are a NATIVE or NON-NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER, LEADER, MANAGER or COACH who wants to BREAK THROUGH to the next level, now is your chance to give your English-speaking personality A TOTAL REBOOT so that you can deliver the message you need to bring to the world with CHARISMA, CONVICTION and CONFIDENCE.

Give your English speaking and presenting a TOTAL REBOOT!

"It's fighting the fear
that keeps it alive"

So who am I?

I am a Native English Speaker from the UK living in France. I speak fluent English, French and German (and good Italian and Russian) and I have 10 years experience working as a coach and an actor all over Europe and in the USA.

My expertise is in helping People in Leader Roles to create for themselves a New Dynamic English-Speaking Personality by working on their language skills, their expression, their accent, their body language, everything that can contributes to their Ideal Way of speaking and presenting.

I work with People who need to Interact on an International Scene and have difficulty communicating their ideas effectively, also helping them to get rid of any feelings of Inadequacy, Shame and even Humiliation they may have been feeling.