Oh no, I’ve got to speak tomorrow…


So here you are, the big day’s coming up, and you want to convince your team or your boss at work about this new project that’s going to change everything…

Or maybe you want to get the people in your NGO behind you to get that amazing new initiative rolling,

Or you want to present the latest information on sales and product development, and well some of it is good and some of it not, so how can you make the most of a tricky situation…

I’m petrified with fear, what can I do?


When we feel fear, it’s as if we’d do anything to get out of that state – “What can I do, just to make it stop.” But, we still want the prize, we want to get through that big presentation… and at that moment a big fight starts up inside our heads…

My English is so awkward, I feel handicapped when I speak.


With our mother tongue, at least we know who we are when we speak it, right? For another language, it’s like sailing out into the unknown, losing our identity, getting a big chunk of it chopped off, being amputated of who we really are.

“It’s fighting the fear that keeps it alive”

richard doust

“…It has been a great experience to engage with Richard. He is so adaptable and spotted exactly what I needed going beyond enhancing my presentation skills and public speeches. He has been a real coach….”

laura MARIN, Head of secretariat, JPIAMR