The Confidence Code:
Unlock Your Global Stage Presence

As a CEO and a leader, you know you need to transform your public speaking into a powerful tool that not only shares your vision but also motivates others to action...

But, maybe you…

  • Experience intense nervousness before a major presentation?
  • Want to inspire your team but doubt your charisma?
  • Feel a lack of confidence when addressing your audiences?
  • Find typical public speaking tips and tricks inadequate?

If you’re a visionary CEO or leader struggling with confidence, then, regardless of your English proficiency, native or non-native, it’s time to learn the Confidence Code and Unlock Your Global Stage Presence with our SVCF Confidence Program.

Invest in Your Future: Clear ROI and Career Growth

  • Career Leap: Excel in public speaking to unlock prestigious leadership roles, elevate your professional image, and distinguish yourself.

  • Profitable Skill: Leverage your enhanced communication skills for lucrative opportunities in training, consulting, or speaking engagements.

  • Invaluable Asset: In the competitive business arena, effective communication is a key differentiator. This course significantly boosts your professional worth.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Inaction

  • Lost Opportunities: Staying passive leads to missed career advancements and personal achievements.

  • Risk of Stagnation: Not improving your speaking skills could result in a standstill in both your professional and personal life.

Experience a Profound Transformation

  • From Timid to Confident: Our course guides you from unease to confidence in public speaking.

  • Skill Enhancement: Master engaging storytelling, persuasive presentations, and influential communication techniques.

  • Networking & Growth: Connect with a network of ambitious individuals, enriching your experiences and expanding your professional circle.

Decision Time: A Strategic Investment in Yourself

  • Tailored for Visionary CEOs & Leaders: Our SVCF Confidence Code Program transcends language barriers, offering the Confidence Code to all, regardless of English proficiency. This program is meticulously crafted to meet the distinctive needs of top-tier leadership.

  • Personalized Strategy: The SVCF Confidence Code Program is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We focus on your individual speaking challenges, crafting a path to meet and surpass your specific goals.

This course is more than just training—it’s a strategic investment in your future, unlocking new career opportunities, revenue streams, and an enhanced professional presence. Don’t let hesitation prevent you from becoming the assertive and persuasive leader you’re meant to be. Enroll now and embark on a journey to a more successful, confident you!



Learn to command any room or virtual environment with your presence.


Hone your voice for clarity and power.


Align your speaking style with your leadership identity.


Get into The Speaking Flow and deliver your message with confidence and authenticity, inspiring trust and action.

Watch a quick video of how I work

So, what do my clients say?

Krisztina L., CEO of Leadership Accelerators - Hungary

“Richard’s strategies have transformed my audience engagement, both in person and online. His mastery of the virtual stage is exceptional. “

Florence H., Creator of the FUCHS Transformation Method - France

“Richard’s approach brought impactful, specific improvements. His patience, adaptability, and language skills are extraordinary.”

Paul L., Marketing Automation Specialist - USA

“Richard’s mix of psychological and technical expertise transformed my video presentations, teaching me how to authentically captivate my audience.”

Fanny D., CEO and Art-Therapy Coach - France

“Working with Richard was a blend of professionalism and enjoyment. His adaptable method offered a personalised, holistic experience.”

About Richard Doust:

A UK native, now in France, fluent in multiple languages, Richard has a decade of coaching and acting experience in Europe and the USA. He specialises in customising communication styles to enhance the English-speaking persona of leaders, focusing on language refinement and body language nuances that align with your leadership identity. Richard assists international professionals in expressing their ideas, freeing them from feelings of inadequacy, shame and even humiliation.