My English is so awkward, I feel handicapped when I speak…

   With our mother tongue, at least we know who we are when we speak it, right?      

   For another language, it’s like sailing out into the unknown, losing our identity, getting a big chunk of it chopped, being amputated of who we really are. And so our reaction to having to speak English in public is obvious. We try to keep as close to the banks of the river as we can, to stay close to our mother tongue in some way through accent or attitude. If we are going to feel awkward, then let’s feel the minimum level of awkwardness we can achieve. There might even be a way of speaking another language and not really changing at all. Now, that would be great…      

   Ok, ok, this might work in certain circumstances, and for a short while…      

   But deep down, you know it’s tiring and frustrated for those who have to listen to you…      

   AND, the worst thing? After all these years, you have made no progress whatsoever! None! You could probably go on speaking badly and with limited vocabulary for decades and nothing would change.      

   So, why is that?   

   Well, the short answer is, there are two reasons:      

   1) You don’t know what you’re aiming for. What kind of an English speaker do you actually want to be? Do you have a role model that inspires you? Have you ever dreamed of being like someone you admire speaking English? Or is that the first time you have even thought about this…   

   2) You have absolutely no incentive to leave the banks, to leave sight of land, and head for the ocean. Why would you put yourself torture like that? Why would you expose yourself and try to give the impression that you are someone you are not?      

   And anyway, you wouldn’t know how to create this new English speaker even if you did know what you were aiming for.      

   Hmm, it seems like you could use some help.   

   So, let’s suppose that I’m your guide. I’ve been to this unknown territory before and I know my way around. Now, I’m not telling you what to become. You’re the one who knows what you want to see, what you want to be like in this landscape.         

   However, I can motivate you and get you going. After some time, you will know much better what you want, how you want to be. And if you have a problem, you will know what questions to ask.      

   My promise to you is to do my best to share everything I know about this whole field: creating a new confident identity in another language that is actually a new version of who I am.   

   Now, I do know something about it, I’ve gone through this journey in 4 other languages, and I’ve also explored the English language very thoroughly too. So, I know about the process, and I know about this language and its potential.      

   The idea is that after some practice, it will become easier and easier for you to embody yourself in English. It will get automatic and easy, you won’t have to make a huge effort, you will progress easily because you will really know where you’re going. Does that make sense?      

   At the end of these sessions you can come out with a brand new way of being yourself. In English. A way you’re confident about expressing, a way that you will know is pleasurable and yes, even inspiring for others to listen to, whether they’re native speakers or not.      

   No-one else that I know of is doing this work in this way. Perhaps because there are not many people who combine languages, acting and coaching and who’ve worked for many years on the connections between all three.      

   Reserve a spot on my calendar and we can talk about this some more.      

   Speak soon.      

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